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Welcome deep self Love and let it change your life

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“I notice that the connection with my body is getting stronger every day and I even started eating vegan and stopped drinking alcohol and coffee, I never expected that! It feels like a deep healing of my body and I am very grateful to Mystiek for that.”

“I appreciate your laughter. It is so contagious. It welcomes joy and play and it reminds me I can be joyful too!”

“What I experience as a customer of Stefanie and in the session is a very welcoming, safe, space for receiving, learning to be open to connection, to touch and that takes place in a way that is very sensitively tuned. And with a large and pleasant sensuality field in which I feel completely welcome and accepted.”

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for Sacred Sexual Awakening


“Let the way you love yourself, change your life”

“Let the way you love yourself, change the world”

Hi my name is Stefanie, I know what it is like to feel totally disconnected from my body, feeling stuck and alone.

How I see it, is I was feeling a big NO to life. Until I decided I wanted to change how I felt.

When I started to say YES to myself, yes to loving myself deeply and yes to celebrating me being a woman, yes to honoring my sexuality, my life started to change big time.

An adventurous journey full of inspiration began.

I feel very passionate about deep intimacy and connections. And the best relationships begin with the relationship with yourself.  I help women finding deeper love for themselves through coaching and events with elements of feeling deeper, transforming emotions, authentic expressions and sacred sexual awakening.

I am a Sensual Embodiment Facilitator and Voice Liberator. Allowing your voice and your sacred sexual energy to rise and expand and integrate is empowering and liberating!

And it feels like such an honor to be able to support women on their personal journey, and be a witness of beauty unfolding itself in front of me. When I am in this sacred space, I feel so guided, supported, Sensually centered and there is so much unconditional love flowing through me, that feels so amazing, So I feel so blessed to be able to support women on their way into stepping into their feminine power and feeling sexually empowered.

I am pure, present and passionate in my guidance, be welcome

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