tantra & transformations

For Women – in the Netherlands
Deep Dive Journey in Intimacy – Sensuality – Connection

I help women who feel disconnected from their body and pleasure to move through shame and suppression.

To find their voice, open their heart and awaken their sensuality

In a supportive space of sisters

So they can experience pure aliveness, profound intimacy and greater pleasure in life.


Tantra-Transformation Training

Intimacy Workshops

“I went layers deeper. A soft and powerful base is anchored, with even more playfulness, even more love for myself.  I like myself even more, I experience myself even more powerful!” – Marielle

” It strikes me how every woman revives in a group with Stefanie, she accepts the group fully, she is very welcoming. Welcoming everything in us. And every time, everyone in the group is welcoming too, her gift radiates to the rest of the group. Her  strength is to give every woman the feeling that she can be herself completely and that we are beautiful in that”. – Loura

“I appreciate Stefanie’s laughter. It is so contagious. It welcomes joy and play and it reminds me I can be that joyful too!” – Eiko

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