Intimacy Playgrounds

— Deeper Connections — Empowerment — Freedom — Pleasure — Joy — Nourishment —
—with Stefanie—

“Blossom into fullness, by welcoming all of you,  for it is in embracing every aspect of yourself that you truly flourish”

Stefanie Leysner

Welcome to Flowering Intimacy

I facilitate spaces for deeper connections, empowerment & freedom. Let’s slow down, and practice with each other to go beyond our patterns, to become more vulnerable, to become more authentic, to open the heart, free your voice, awaken your sensuality and reclaim your sacred sexuality. In a supportive and welcoming space.  So you can experience pure aliveness, profound intimacy and greater pleasure in life. To be fully you, to blossom into fullness.

Intimacy Playgrounds

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Flowering Women Workshop

sacred sisterhood – deeper connections

Lorelei Festival

more boldly being you

Tantra Massage Workshops

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“I went layers deeper. A soft and powerful base is anchored, with even more playfulness, even more love for myself.  I like myself even more, I experience myself even more powerful!”

“I experienced Stefanie as someone who held and guided the group beautifully in her own softness and her strength by being a mirror for us. In a way that we all felt we could be ourselves. And we were guided to places where we could feel being touched. Beautifully held space with playfulness and with clarity. With fun!  With strength and power and playfulness and femininity and sensuality. That what we are looking for, which is invited to unfold and be revealed, a very beautiful mirror.”

– Marielle-

” It strikes me how every woman revives in a group with Stefanie, she accepts the group fully, she is so welcoming. Welcoming everything in us. And every time, everyone in the group is welcoming too, her gift radiates to the rest of the group. Her  strength is to give every woman the feeling that she can be herself completely and that we are beautiful in exactly who we are”.

– Loura-

“I appreciate Stefanie’s laughter. It is so contagious. It welcomes joy and play and it reminds me I can be that joyful too!”

– Eiko-

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Flowering Intimacy

Authentic Relating

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