Hi I m Stefanie


I confused being intimate with being sexual

Starting out, I didn’t know how to be in healthy relationships or have fulfilling sexual experiences. I had a lot of hope that my experiences would be wonderful but they were extremely unsatisfying and even traumatic. I felt very disconnected from myself in relationships, I did not understand what intimacy was. And tried to fill the lacking of love with sexual activities. My relationships and sexual life became more unfulfilling and disturbing to me. The way I lived did not work and I felt I had to change something. So I started to suppress all of my sexual energy. That seemed like a good idea at the time ;)

I was struggling immensely with all my challenges and myself. I felt lost, kept quiet about it and I felt very alone.

And unfulfilled, unhappy, empty, alone, disempowered, weak. Super tired of suppressing and trying to be someone else. That was my state for a long time.

I started to change when I decided I didn’t want to be unhappy for the rest of my life. I didn’t know how, but I committed myself to finding my happiness, my power, and my purpose in life.

I started to love myself

I tried all kinds of therapies and kind of my last hope I found myself in plant medicine ceremonies.

It was there I got the clear message to take the tantric path. And that it was time to befriend my sexual energy, my life bringing energy.

I was bound to step onto this conscious awakening path, welcoming my all of me, step by step, bit by bit. It became my mission and passion and I had this vision of  working with women to become empowered, free and fully alive. To work with the voice, the heart and the sensuality centers.

This was the start of learning to love myself through plant medicine, breath work, bodywork, regression-work, voice liberation and tantric training, tantric massage and authentic relating.

During this time I found out the power of support, sisterhood celebration, what intimacy was about, discovering my yesses, and my no’s, learning how to communicate in a healthy way, creating connections I was so hungry for. My body becoming more and more alive and filled with pleasure.

I discovered the medicine of sisterhood

I started to experience an inner beauty, self love, inner-wisdom, the healing of Sacred Sexuality, how to be in authentic communication and intimacy.

My life went through huge transformations,

as I discovered the medicine of Authentic Relating

as I discovered the medicine of my Voice

as I discovered the medicine of Tantric Massage

as I discovered the medicine of Conscious Touch & Dance

as I discovered the medicine of Sisterhood

After giving hundreds of private sessions in massage and coaching, I started to bring these qualities into group facilitation. We can learn so much from each others wisdom and receive so much healing and creative energy from the group field. In these workshops we create deeper connections through authentic relating practices, sound healing, and conscious touch.

I also offer only women’s workshops, because I love the way women bond when we share authentically, support and celebrate each other. That is why these women workshops are so magical, transformational and grounding. Facilitating weekly women circles has shown me the precious gift of sisterhood.

Feel welcome to join

” It’s not about doing it the RIGHT way, it is about finding out YOUR way”  -Stefanie Leynser-

Be Welcome

Flowering Intimacy

True Intimacy

Sacred Sexuality

Voice Liberation

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