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Offerings for Women


60 min. Relax Massage €100,- now for €65,-
60 min. Bliss Massage €100,- now for €50,-

—————-Tantric Massages—————–
2,25 hour Tao Tantra Massage €200,-
2,25 hour Kashmiri Tantra Massage €200,-


Location – Almere Buiten, the Netherlands
easy parking or 5 min from trainstation

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Relax Massage

A Gentle, Relaxing, Energy Balancing, Nurturing Massage with elements from the Tao and LomiLomi

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Bliss Massage

A Blissful and heart opening massage for Women, now introduction price: €50,-

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Tao Tantra Massage

An ancient Taoist art of yin en yang energy massage, balancing and awakening sexual energies

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Kashmiri Tantra Massage

A sensual, nourishing and powerful healing massage from the Shiva-Shakti tradition of Kashmir Tantra

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Sensual Tantra Massage

A deep merge into super sensual, supportive, free flow, nourishing touch

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You don’t know me yet, but you are curious.

Get to know me

Get to know my bodywork

With this Blissful Massage

  • Heart Opening

  • Awakening Bliss

  • Gentle Trauma Release

  • Safe intro to Tantra 

Introduction Price

Heart Opening into Bliss

A Blissful Heart Massage for women

 this month for €50,-

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What is a Tantric Massage?

Tantra Massage is the art of conscious Touch. Where nothing is wanted nor expected from you. Giving you the opportunity to fully relax in the present moment. Tantra includes awakening life force energy. In the Tantra massages the yoni is included in the massage as a natural part of your body. Without extra focus or goal. The sexual life energy will expand into an energy flow throughout your body, used for healing and transformation and vitality. And connecting sex and sacredness.

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What can I expect?

Resulting in feeling more confident, safe, worthy and wonderful. Feeling nourished and loved. Dropping back home into the body. Dissolves shame and fear and guilt around your sexuality. Exploring new ways to use sexual energy besides moving into performance and sexual interactions. Increase sexual desire to its naturalness. Owning your sexual desires and pleasures – sexual maturity and sovereignty.

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benefits & outcomes

why Stefanie

Highly Intuitive

During the session I am super centered and attuned, and  you are lovingly guided and supported in your journey

Pure & Present

I stay Present with you, with whatever shows up, everything matters, all is important, be welcome as you are

Playful & Passionate

growing, developing, exploring, bringing some light and playfulness in the darkness and heaviness can be very refreshing at times

“How nice, so soft, I felt my heart opening. At one point my heart chakra was completely open. Usually I see a pink heart and some green, but this time it was completely open, which was so special. I laid  open, surrendered, wow so open, it felt like my heart chakra was so open that it radiated out into the whole world, it felt so wide.”

Because I feel seen and met in my essence, also gives me a lot of peace, peace to know that what can be felt can be seen, and outside your practice then I have no need for confirmation of the other , so that makes it so that I can be so much more relaxed and be more authentic. Because I don’t have to prove anything. And I think that for others that is also noticeable and much more pleasant and safe to be around.

I have felt the Sacred Sexuality very strongly, very clearly. The intention with which you bring your practice is very felt. That primal power combined with spirituality. Very clear.

I really appreciate the Smoothness of how you touch people – I felt very protective of my skin these days but it felt easy and comfortable to be touched by you :)

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