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Tantra Massage workshop

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Sisterhood & creating deeper connections

Utrecht – Jul 28
19.00 – 22.00
€22,- per ticket

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Boldly being you in connection

Zeewolde July 2023


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Awakening Sacred Sexuality

Coming Soon

Utrecht – Aug 11
19.00 – 22.00
€22,- per ticket

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Utrecht – Aug 25
19.00 – 22.00
€22,- per ticket

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The women’s circle has been really transformative for me, I didn’t have that many expectations beforehand. Straight away upon arrival and the way it was set up, where we came together in a circle and you really gave us a moment to tune in with ourselves and the other I immediately felt a connection and a security that emerged. I noticed that because of the building up of the exercises that went a little deeper each time, I could sink more and more into a part of me that normally remains hidden, where I can’t reach that sensitivity very well. And because I fell so much into it I suddenly came to a part of me that was so deep and such a wild woman came up, I had never experienced that so strongly before and certainly not in the connection with the other. And in the assignments, you also gave me that push to immediately start expressing that in connection with the other, and that was so special and so healing. I felt so appreciated and seen in my greatness and my strength, and I have never felt that so strongly and I notice that afterwards a piece of love and connection has come into me and also a piece of sensuality that I take with me in my daily life that, that is not only something I can feel in sexual relationships but that it really is a part of who I am.
And that I can always feel and express this in my daily life and the person I am, that feels really mega feminine and mega powerful. And for me it feels like you created a kind of river-bed, in which I could flow through as a whole river, for me I felt as if I was held and carried. It felt like you really carried us as a group and attuned and weaved in, giving us exactly what we needed. I’m very grateful for that, that has done a lot for me, so thank you”.


Stefanie creates so quick such a safe space and it is beautiful to observe because a lot of women that don’t know each other, they are into comparing and competing with each other and they just came from the outside world that is so stressful. And Stefanie in such a beautiful way brings us to our self to be just truly ourselves. I think this is amazing work, and I think it is so because she is true with herself what she is doing and how she is comfortable with herself and so we easy reflect this. True to what she has inside, in an embodied way, so then it makes it easier for us to be impacted by this and to recognize our own truth.

She is herself, she is true, she is truth, everybody wants truth, that is it, that is how I see it.

What I got out of this workshop:  I saw all parts of me in all women, and it is amazing this feeling, so we are not different, we are really another we, so you are another me and I mostly feel this, there is no difference between us, we have the same struggle, the same strength, the same desires, and when I allow this to enter deeply in my conscious, all women around me start to be not enemy-like anymore but relaxation starts to happen between me and women, so this gives peace, and I miss this in the world, just peace and relaxation, especially now“.


„The course with Stefanie was incredible…she creates such a loving and safe space. I felt seen and very connected to myself and others during the course. I love Stefanie’s energy…her playfulness, authenticity and lovingness. She made me feel so welcome with all that I am.“

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