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Stefanie Leysner
Intimacy & Connections
Freedom & Empowerment
The Netherlands


„Stefanie’s workshop was a very beautiful, rich and fulfilling experience. I’ve longed for a supported women’s circle for some time, in which all layers could be released and we could connect authentically.

This day was just that, and more! The cared for structure of the day contributed to relaxing in being together, and getting in touch with my own body and feelings. It was obvious that Stefanie’s carrying capacity was great, and that everything was allowed to be there.

The day gave me the feeling of coming home to a safe women’s bed, of recognition and softness. And from there, movement, pleasure and sensuality could also flow through. Very nice to be there!.“


“What I immediately noticed at the beginning of this workshop, is that it is okay to first take a moment for myself and I really want to implement that in my daily life. That’s what I’m experiencing now, like a clarity of how that works. And certainly for me that is something essential, and by doing that together today, I now dare to allow myself to do that from now on. Suddenly I understand what it is to stay close to myself. This is wat that is like, I have experienced it here today. And what I also take with me is the softening towards female connections.
Stefanie knows very quickly to touch upon the essence, and her free way of being makes me feel very free too. Safe is how I feel right now and that is for me quite special”.


” Instantly there was this welcoming feeling, an immediate enthusiasm to see us and I felt really welcome, and for me that was what I needed.
I was a bit hesitant in the beginning, looking at it from a safe distance, like, I don’t know what we are going to do. And Stefanie broke through that very quickly because she told her story in such a way, and was so open, and dared to show her vulnerability. That was so inspiring to me, then immediately the ice was broken. So then I was also like, okay so this is today’s setting and that felt very good and very nice, and that is really because of Stefanie
– In today’s circle my desire awakened to be in touch with my sensuality again, that I want to do more with embodiment again, that I really want to feel my body and accept that I am good enough. This has been a good start for that, so I am very happy with that


I was really positively impressed, for me it was a first women’s circle. Stefanie instantly broke through certain things, everyone was immediately open, vulnerable, and that immediately ensured that everyone went into the deeper layers. And there was a safety in the sharing. She created it in a way, the atmosphere, that there was a safe environment for women to share, she did that in a very playful way. I’d say playfulness is her strength, a soft feminine force in the form of playfulness but also serious, in attunement.

What I experienced today: Sinking in even deeper into my femininity, from a place of acceptance and expression. That I’m able to be myself completely and to be able to connect from my heart with other women. And to be able to experience and see everyone in their own uniqueness. I take all that with me , that has all been a gift today, very beautiful. And a feeling of being grounded, I really feel such a feminine power, wow! It was not at all spiritual, floaty or anything, really out of the mind and fully in the body! “.

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