There is medicine in Sacred Sisters coming together

You are welcome to come and explore the different ways of intimacy and connecting deeper, authentic, meaningful, in ways that are healing, nourishing from within, in a supportive space of sisters. Experience the power of the medicine of sisters coming together to support one another. Only through sisterhood are we able to drop in so deeply into our being to feel who we truly are. To come home into our bodies. To blossom fully.

What can you expect?

✦ Opening Circle & Intention Setting
✦ Heart Opening Connection exercises
✦ Awakening Connective Dance
✦ Sound Healing
✦ Nourishing Touch

Deeper Intimacy & Connections

Although many of us have friends and family, the relationships stay on the surface and many women don’t feel they can be completely themselves and hide parts that feel to vulnerable to share. Intimacy starts with the relationship you have with yourself, welcoming all the parts of you and bringing it into relationship.

This is a space that allows us to bravely take of our masks and through sharing and relating with the other women, you get to know yourself more deeply. To welcome more of you, also the parts that were hidden or shameful or painful, also the forgotten joy, your suppressed aliveness, all your parts. That is intimacy. 

Amongst women there are a lot of experiences of distrust and turning against each other. Judging, jealousy, gossiping.

We can bring back the trust and the wise and wild sisterhood that is missing in our lives. To receive the support and deeper connections that we are craving for. This is such a powerful experience because it allows us to celebrate, heal and expand, not only as an individual but also as a community.

Feeling seen & heard

We will slow down, and you will be guided through exercises to connect more intimately with yourself and from that deeper more authentic place, connect with your sisters, to open the heart, deepen your sense of sisterhood and connections and to raise your feminine qualities so we can bring more of who we are into the world from a place of love.

Here we have the ability to develop, being seen and heard in who we really are. To go deeper than we normally do. To heal and inspire.

So come and dance together, share, explore, play, drop our minds for a day, wind down, loosen up, and ease in, to enjoy and connect with your sisters. Let’s remind each other it is okay to love ourselves exactly the way we are.

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