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Inside Out Sessions

Accessing your Inner Resources and Creative Power through welcoming the state of flow and infinite possibilities

Inside Out /  We Flow sessions

Tuning Inside, to welcome everything that comes up, knowing that all matters, and all blocks, tensions, sensations and emotions hold great potential for expansion and transformation. Going inside to find your inner resources, your body wisdom, your deeper truth, intuition, clear knowing, creative power, clarity, guidance, heart desires, aliveness, pleasure, excitement for life. It is all inside of ourselves. And when we start to access, feel, find, welcome, celebrate, explore, accept, love and expand all these qualities inside of us, and allow these gifts to expand into the world. The world Outside, around us will start to change in ways that will be more beautiful then we could have ever imagined. Let’s support each other in this.

My mission is bringing back sacred union with oneself and others, through we flow, conscious connections, body awareness, and free expressions. Beautiful ways to connect deeply with who you are and allow your uniqueness to shine into the world.

I am here to support you to go inside and connect deeper, and to bring out your gifts. So we can inspire each other to share and enjoy our gifts and to create from a place of joy, pleasure, ease and flow.

My work fields are: we flow, voice liberation, bodywork, conscious awakening, authentic relating, inside out sessions.

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What other people say

“Love and Space, no other words needed, that’s what I receive from sessions with Stefanie. Try it out for yourself. Love, Minas”

Minas Loekan

What other people say

“You make me feel fully welcome”

What people say about me

“Stefanie is authentic, playful, sensual and joyful”