liberation & empowerment

3 month Journey into Intimacy

9 sessions of 1 on 1 coaching online or live in Almere in the Netherlands

We will start by getting clarity on your challenges, needs and desires. And where you are in your journey, what would serve you best right now. And to see how I can support you best and where you get to ask all your questions.

This is a 3 month journey dedicated to how you can love yourself more, be in better relationship with yourself, in that way changing all your relationships with others and life. So you can live free and empowered and follow your heart desires. Allowing more love into your life and awaken joy and pleasure being your true nature. Waking the tantric path is about welcoming and embracing every part of you.

I work a lot with the voice and sex center because these are for me the two most suppressed centers for women, so when we start to play and open up the voice and sexual center, this feels immensely liberating and empowering for women. That is why I love to work with both in combination. We will do this through sound, breath and movement. As they are the most simple and powerful tools for transformation. These sessions are a space for fully receiving yourself, and I will support you with strong presence. Using authentic relating, breathwork, body work, emotional and mental mastery, sexual awakening, voice liberation, tantric practices as tools for you to fully welcome and embody whatever arises. So you can celebrate who you are. As you can see this is a holistic approach in your Intimacy journey. The mental, emotional, physical, spiritual energy bodies, all effect each other and help integrate deeply.

what can you expect? 

A safe and sacred space where your intention is a very powerful aspect of the art. And a very loving and supportive guidance. Homework for in between the sessions and available support in between the sessions.

What it offers you?

Liberation, integration and empowerment. Feeling more pure and alive.

Practical Information

The sessions are available Online or Live in Almere Buiten, the Netherlands, or a combination of both.

The Sessions are 1,25 hour

Full investment for this journey is 777,- euros – or 3 monthly investments of 265,- euros



or Live

in Almere Buiten, the Netherlands

who is it for?

For women who are committed to transformation and feel the desire for true intimacy and meaningful connections. To be more present in their voice and their body. Ready to be seen and heard in their vulnerability and strength at the same time. Into taking the next step into opening their voice and body-awareness. Diving deeper into your feminine essence.

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What other people say

“I don’t think I have ever been touched like this before.”

What other people say

“I felt releasing a lot. Memories were addressed and touched and honored and given freedom to leave. and there for I felt super light and empty, I feel like a new being”

What people say about me

“I feel your warmth, and I feel taken care of from the moment I walk in”

Do you have any questions about this journey?

I am happy to connect with you to answer your questions or look at possibilities to adjust to your personal needs. Free free to contact me.

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