Heart Opening & Healing

Introduction Massage

For Women

This massage gives you the experience how it feels receiving bodywork and touch from me.

This session is heart opening and healing.

Gently falling into a feminine surrendered state of love and bliss.

This massage is an initiation into feminine sensual sovereignty.  This massage does NOT include genital touch. This is a great way to get a feel if the Sacred Sexual Healing Journey is something for you and if we are a good match for that.

Feel free to book this massage also just for your pure enjoyment and relaxation and surrender into Bliss.

what can you expect? 

A safe and sacred space where your intention is a very powerful aspect of the art. And a very loving and supportive guidance.

What it offers you?

This massage offers you a healing touch and gentle release of deeper emotions and an open heart chakra.

Potential Benefits

  • open heart
  • entering Blissful state
  • free flow of love
  • feeling safe, empowered
  • more body awareness and appreciation

Practical Information

The sessions are in Almere Buiten, the Netherlands


This Healing Heart Massage is a 1,25 hour massage, with some time before and after, so keep in mind a timeframe of at least 1,5 hours

This massage is 100,- euros

If you come for the first time you pay the introduction price €75,- Fill in the form to request this massage with discount


Almere Buiten, the Netherlands

who is it for?

For women who want to drop into their body. Who know how important self care is and a massage is a great way to nourish the body and mind and soul. If you feel you are interested, curious, considering the sacred sexual healing journey, but not sure yet, this is a great step in between, to find out if this is something for you and to feel if we are a good match for the next step. Or simply for pure enjoyment because you enjoy touch and massages and want to surrender into Bliss

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What other people say

“And through the massage strokes I felt a flow through the whole of my body and that gave a feeling of happiness and love. The love hormones were completely released under the skin, deeper inside the body, and flowed through my entire body like a river of love. From head to toe. I thought it was very special.”

What other people say

“This is an experience in surrender, in vulnerability and that is delicate and it is delicious. I am experiencing and learning that vulnerability creates a space for pleasure, because there is more connection. Because how we go through life is quite armed, and that may be safe, but that’s not necessarily nice, there’s not much fun in that.”

What people say about me

“what I really like about Mystique is that she connects on a deep true level, and I see that clearly when looking in her eyes, I see her ability to be fully present with whatever is here, and whatever arises in the moment”

Do you have any questions?

I am happy to answer any of your questions

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