“I thank you for holding the space for me to feel and showing me how easy it is to love.”


“I am very grateful to Mystique for the heart/introduction massage I received from her. This special experience was the first step for me to feel love for my body. I was very nervous beforehand because I have a hard time with intimacy due to sexual abuse. I therefore hesitated to do the massage because I was afraid that I would step over my boundaries. Mystique gave me the space to discuss this in advance and because of her open, warm attitude and genuine interest I felt reassured and completely safe.

The massage was a completely new experience for me, it went so much deeper than I had ever experienced before. At first I had a hard time relaxing. Mystic noticed this and took extensive time to help me breath deeper. This allowed me to be fully present in my body for the first time during a massage. I felt the energy flowing through my heart and body. I really connected with my body, on both a physical and spiritual level. A lot of emotion was released: pain that I unconsciously carried with me for a long time, but also a feeling of love and freedom.

I would not have wanted to receive this massage from anyone other than Mystique. I have stepped far out of my comfort zone, and she has fully guided and supported me in this. After the massage it felt like a new gate has been opened in me where I can discover what lies behind it. It was very nice to discuss this with her afterwards. Also I appreciated that I could take a shower! In the week after I thought about the massage every day and the emotions, both pain and a lot of love, kept coming up. I feel that the relationship with my body is getting stronger every day and I am already looking forward to the next massage. Thank you Mystique and I wish every woman one of your massages!”

M, 24

“Mystiek invited me for a session and I am enlighted with the relief, joy and peace I experienced. I am in this phase of my life where I need to release the past and open up for the new me. I opened up in a beautiful way what from I think is not achievable in other therapy I got. It is wonderful and fascinating what one session brought me.

I got a headache a few hours after the session which indicates I released a lot of tension and negative energy. The next day I felt like reborn.

Mystiek takes the time, accepts the way who you are and feel at that moment. I can tell she is very passionate and professional about her work of art. She did everything to comfort me, listened to my needs and gave me the treatment I wished for.

I am grateful that I had this experience from her. I can recommend a session from Mystiek to everyone that is stuck in their life or is open for personal growth.”

M. 33

“I had been feeling a bit down and closed of lately, coming to the session hoping to be able to open up a bit again. The session was very nice, so soft, and I felt my heart opening. And opening more. At one point my heart chakra was completely open. Usually I see a pink heart and some green, but this time it was completely open, which was so special. I laid  open, surrendered, wow so open, it felt like my heart chakra was so open that it radiated out into the whole world, it felt so wide. I feel love openly flowing again”

I. 78

What I experience as a customer of Mystique and in the session is a very welcoming, safe, space for receiving, learning to be open to connection, to touch and that takes place in a way that is very sensitively tuned. And with a large and pleasant sensuality field in which I feel completely welcome and accepted.

And what I enjoy is that, I experience Mystique as someone who is guided by intuitions and I can trust that, she knows what she is doing, and that relaxes.

And what I really like is that Mystique is open to real connection and that is easiest to see in the eye contact with her, I see her ability to be present and open to whatever is here.

I can experience her higher self beyond the personality, and that combined with her enormous beauty, her very refined femininity that she very consciously uses in the service of experience and her self-confidence, her self-mastery in her femininity also gives me a lot of permission to feel and allow my own, because I know it is invited and welcome. And there is no confusion, there is no merging, there is no sexual exchange. It is a form of intimate deep connection with the presence of sexual energy in the service of intimacy and self-intimacy, experiencing myself. With a very knowledgeable guidance, a very fine guidance, a very loving guidance.

E. 52

“My intention was: I want to receive, and I really have to learn that, it’s not easy. And what I experienced in this massage, I really let go of everything, letting go means letting go of my mind energy like in meditation. At the touch of my feet, I started to relax going into completely letting go during the massage.

And I thought it was very special what you did with making sounds with your voice, I thought it was so special because those low sounds came in and touched and moved me in my belly.

And through the massage strokes I felt a flow through the whole of my body and that gave a feeling of happiness and love. The love hormones were completely released under the skin, deeper inside the body, and flowed through my entire body like a river of love. From head to toe. I thought it was very special.”

I. 76

On a more personal level it is so nice for me to have met someone who gives herself total permission to feel and follow her desire. Her love for her femininity and to really show it. Because it is so nice and not to get something for it other than to shine. Allowing her inner beauty radiating out and shine. This is expressed in the way she dresses the space, the preparations, the smell, the music, the quality of her touch. I recommend this experience to anyone who is curious about themselves and open to expand their inner boundaries.


I feel more beautiful because in a way I feel you decorated me. And not in the sense of seduction but in the sense of becoming finer and refined in my own being. I feel decorated by your touch, your touch decorates me, makes me more beautiful. And it partly has to do with the touch by someone who is very refined, very stylish, very feminine, very beautiful. I am touched by Beauty and quality and that brings out my own.


Because I feel seen and met in my essence, also gives me a lot of peace, peace to know that what can be felt can be seen, and outside your practice then I have no need for confirmation of the other , so that makes it so that I can be so much more relaxed and be more authentic. Because I don’t have to prove anything. And I think that for others that is also noticeable and much more pleasant and safe to be around.

P. 44

I am learning to surrender in the massages. I am allowing and surrendering and in daily life it helps me to better understand female and masculine sexuality. This is an experience in surrender, in vulnerability and that is delicate and it is delicious. I am experiencing and learning that vulnerability creates a space for pleasure, because there is more connection. Because how we go through life is quite armed, and that may be safe, but that’s not necessarily nice, there’s not much fun in that. So yes to more vulnerability and connection.

J. 40

It feels so nice to be in your hands, your presence and your quality of attention and presence is very pleasant. I could totally allow it, which is really nice. Exploring the spectrum of surrender and going even deeper. With you it is an exercise in letting go and allowing.

There was so much sexual energy. And it comforts me that you don’t get alarmed, no matter what I do, you stay calm and centered. That comforts in a way that I can be with myself without worrying about you, and that is very re-assuring.

A. 60

Thank you it was really delicious. You are so sensual it helps too, when I open my eyes for a moment, wow what a picture, how you carry yourself and your energy, and your calm, so elegant, so cat like, your beauty is so tangible and so easy to sink into it. You carry yourself with dignity and that is super nice.

L. 32

It feels very loving. What feels very healing to me when you touch my perineum, that area is very sensitive, the care with which you do that, that is really great and so nice! Your presence and your sensitive attention infused in your touch. I fully welcomed it with pleasure. Something in me is invited by your presence to be in my sexual sovereignty and that feels empowering, yes to share that with someone like you who can see and feel and name it, that is great. What a gift, really.

M. 33

I have felt the Sacred Sexuality very strongly, very clearly. The intention with which you bring your practice is very felt. That primal power combined with spirituality. Very clear.

T. 38

I remember the first time your hands massaged my body it felt heavenly.

S. 41

The method of Tao massage is able to bring the receiver into complete relaxation. A state of not thinking. Mystique’s hands touch my body in such a way that step by step I say goodbye to all my thoughts, vaguely there is still a knowing that I exist, but I really do enter a space of almost dissolved into everything . My way is to follow the touch of Mystique’s hands and bring my awareness there. And because of the method and the attention of the hands and thus the energetic effect, the energy in my body flows back and forth so beautifully that in 2 hours I have actually reached the state of complete relaxation. When the massage ends, I can maintain that state for some time. And for practical reasons a bell rings that makes me realize that there is a worldly life around me, and actually with reluctance and little resistance and with the help of one more bell and also reality I come back step by step with my mind. But then my body is not yet able to move, the only thing that is possible is to lie on my side and fully enjoy the incredible relaxation that I just experienced and then step by step I come back into the life of now, but I consider the ecstasy I experience in relaxation as the ordinary after which I come back to life.

M. 48

Your massage was soft and gentle and at the same time very powerful and profound. It felt like the coming together of modern and ancient teachings in the now. And I felt you being truly present from beginning to end.

Now I feel I am sinking in a sweetness and deeper love for myself.

S. 29

A very profound balancing of energies ,yin and yang,  creating more free flow of energy through my body, opening my body. Days later I still feel more joy in my life.

O. 29

“At the start I felt some shame and judgements coming up and not being able to stay present in the moment. After short guidance from you, my body relaxed, shame and judgements disappeared, the tendency to run and hide disappeared, and I entered a Blissful state with being fully present.  At the end I experienced just Bliss, and nothing else but Bliss.”


It feels like something heavy that has been there for years has been released, it has left my body during this session. I now have a feeling of freedom I did not have before.


I really appreciate the Smoothness of how you touch people – I felt very protective of my skin these days but it felt easy and comfortable to be touched by you :)

J. -23

“the words with which you speak are with such purity and clarity, its from a deeper layer, cutting through the surface”

L. -26

“It is impressive how you enjoy life and enjoy others enjoying, it is very liberating. And how you allow others to tap into these high layers of quality of life. And you showed me how to enjoy sadness and frustration and uncomfortable stuff as well. Embracing it instead of pushing it away. I appreciate your quality of acknowledging what is here. Being in the here and now is such a gift. To acknowledge what is here and now helped me to confront what was needed to improve my relationships.”

E. -31

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