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Sacred Sister Circles

For Women

In Oegstgeest NL


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Imagine a beautiful group of women with in no time a profound connection with each other, the safety to take off all your masks and be yourself, taking the time to land in your center, a space to celebrate each other’s uniqueness.

Here we have the ability to develop, being seen and heard in who we really are. To heal and inspire. To enjoy each other’s closeness, and to let your voice be heard and feel empowered.

By gathering we strengthen our sisterhood, and we get nourished from within.
Which makes us more relaxed and true to ourselves in daily life in who we are by nature, to live our truth.

When women come together with a strong intention, magic happens and the world becomes a better place

Next date: March 22

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Sacred Sister Circles in Oegstgeest NL

What is a sister circle?

A sacred sister circle is traditionally a sacred gathering (without any religion) of women to honor and celebrate each other. To be able to enjoy sisterhood without comparing and judging. To feel supported and seen and heard. And everything that happens in the circle stays private and in the circle allowing women to truly open up, share and be authentic.

These circles are dedicated to coming home to our powerful wise feminine energy that is within all of us

What can you expect?

  • Slowing down
  • Sharing, support, compassion
  • Guided connective communication
  • Guided embodied practices
  • Sisterhood, deep connection, heart opening

Practical information

Wednesday mornings
Duration 2.5 hours
From 10.00 – 12.30
Small group of max 12 participants

11,- Euros

To join, register here:

The three pillars of my work are:
– True intimacy & meaningful connections
– Voice liberation & free expression
– Awakening sensuality & sexuality

A variation of these elements will be in my guidance.
Forms of authentic relating, light tantric exercises and voice expression are used to create a deeper connection with ourselves and from there with the other. Every circle is unique of its own.
It is with great pleasure and love that I welcome you to this circle.

A small gathering of beautiful women

Live in the Netherlands

Sacred Sister Circles

What other people say

“Your level of enjoyment is very liberating, and you’re allowing others to tap into those high levels of quality of life too. And you showed me to enjoy my sadness and frustration and uncomfortable things as well. And to acknowledge what is here in the moment, such a gift”

What other people say

” Your words of wisdom come from deep, cutting through the surface.”

“You have a great ability to say the right things at the right time”

What people say about me

“Stefanie is insightful, attuned to the group and individuals, intuitive, skilled in knowing and bringing what is necessary in the moment, in a loving & caring and playful way.”