Tantric Immersion Journey

7 Sacred Sensual Massages

7 Initiations into Sacred Sexuality


These Massages allow you to discover the mysteries and magic of your body as well as to feel safe and grounded.

We will start by opening the heart, from there exploring sensuality and allowing sexual energy to rise in different forms of massages. Using this life force energy as sacred empowerment, healing and releasing trauma’s, and expansion of consciousness, entering spirituality, heighten the senses for greater capacity for pleasure, re-wiring patterns that don’t serve you anymore, accessing the creative flow and joy of live. Releasing sexual shame and inhibitions. Re-framing your approach to sexual experiences, instead of it being a tension release and good performances, allowing sexual experiences to be a deeply connected sacred experience, learning about peaks and valleys and that it is all part of the sexual flow.

To begin with, we will have an exploration session to see where you are right now in your journey, where you want to go, what your desire is. And to discover how I can support you best and where you get to ask all your questions. In this way the set will be attuned to your personal needs and desires.

The set could include as examples:

what can you expect? 

A safe and sacred space where your intention is a very powerful aspect of the art. And a very loving and supportive guidance. And available support in between the sessions. And some homework to deepen true devotion towards yourself.

What it offers you? 

Gentle healing. A changed way you experience your sexuality and body. Deeper relaxation. Sexual maturity and souvereignty.

Potential Benefits Set of 7 Initiations

  • Reframing of your approach to sexual experiences
  • Becoming more sensitive to the feelings and desires of yourself and your partner
  • Natural sex drive comes back
  • Experience more sexual pleasure
  • Inner peace
  • Sense of safety, trust, surrender
  • Rewriting past sexual experiences
  • Heals sexual disharmony and stagnancy
  • Revitalizes your sex life
  • Opening up to full body orgasm potential
  • Growing sexual mindfulness
  • Opening up to more pleasure and ecstasy
  • Sacred Sexual healing in a gentle way
  • Awaken profound spiritual states
  • Increased vitality, health and joy
  • Increase the sex drive to a natural level
  • Revitalize your sex life
  • Opens the body to unlimited pleasure

Practical Information

The sessions are in Almere Buiten, in consultation also possible at your own home. I suggest not to plan too much after the massage.


The various Massages vary from 2 to 3,5 hours.

Full investment for this journey is 1399,- euros or 2 monthly investments of 710,- euros.


Almere Buiten or upon request

who is it for?

For women who feel ready and committed to take the next step into sexual awakening and awareness and empowerment. And letting go of old patterns and beliefs. A full merging of sexuality and sacredness, innocence and erotic feminine, diving deep into your goddess essence. Connecting heart, spirit and sex. Experiencing the ancient arts combined with your body wisdom,

pleasure is our medicine and it is in our body, easy accessible.

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What other people say

“I don’t think I have ever been touched like this before.”

What other people say

“I felt releasing a lot. Memories were addressed and touched and honored and given freedom to leave. and there for I felt super light and empty, I feel like a new being”

What people say about me

“I feel your warmth, and I feel taken care of from the moment I walk in”

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I am happy to connect with you to look at the possibilities

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