Tantric Massage Ritual – Initiation into the Sacred Feminine

As a woman, we go through many different phases. Accompanied with a lot of physical changes. These transitions into the new roles, are a time of transformation. The awareness around it, shapes how we connect with our feminine energy.

In traditional cultures in which women are respected and honored, these phases are celebrated with ceremony. The whole tribe is present for a ceremony, for a girl entering womanhood, going into motherhood, honoring menopause, honoring cronehood. So women can blossom and expand into their new roles.

In most modern cultures, these conscious rites of passages are lacking and we feel disconnected from who we are deep inside. A lot of us were brought up where these new phases were completely ignored or filled with shame and embarrassment and a lot of feminine qualities got suppressed as a result.

Just few were honored with respect and celebration and helpful guidance.

Great news! We can be each other’s tribe of sisters and celebrate on another and give each other this precious, beautiful gift of initiation and celebration through a Tantric Massage.

The power of Tantric Initiations

We initiate each other so you can re-connect with your feminine energy. Only in a space of sisterhood are we able to drop in so deeply into our bodies & being to awaken our feminine spirits. To journey back home to your Divine Essence, beyond any shame, fear, insecurities and all the limiting believes that we grew up with. To feel yourself deeper, beyond the patterns and beliefs of what is right or wrong, good or bad, beautiful or ugly.

To feel your own wisdom and truth, to access and explore the exciting Mysteries and Qualities of the Divine Feminine. So you can experience pure aliveness, profound intimacy with yourself, and greater pleasure in your body and your life. To expand and blossom into your unique self.

This is for the brave to step outside of your comfort zone in a loving space of sister support and initiations, to step into the zone of magic and transformation. This is all about Coming back into wholeness by welcoming all of you. With loving awareness. Sisterhood and Celebration. Embracing who you are. So you can be fully you. The woman that you came here to be.

You are a woman! You need to be celebrated!

We invite you to a space where we celebrate our bodies and spirits through dance, heart opening exercises and Tantric Massage. Deepening your sense of sisterhood, and feel more empowered and free to enjoy who you are as a woman.

in Amsterdam from 10.30 – 17.30

➤ Opening Circle & Intention Setting
➤ Heart Opening Connection exercises
➤ Awakening Connective Dance
➤ Demo Tantric Massage
➤ Tantric Massage exchange

feel free to contact me if you have any questions: connect@floweringwomen.com

Yes, I m in!