what is a Tantric Massage?

A Tantra Massage holds ancient Spiritual knowledge and the Art of Conscious Touch. A touch without goal, where nothing is wanted nor expected from you. Giving you the opportunity to fully relax in the present moment. A touch that invites your body to enter deeper states of your consciousness.  Mindfulness, eye contact, and breathing techniques are part of the massage. The touch also includes awakening life force energy. In some massages the yoni is included in the massage as a natural part of your body. Without extra focus or goal. The sexual energy will expand into an energy flow throughout your body. Now the sexual life force energy that gets activated is used for healing and transformation and vitality.

In this way you can fully surrender into receiving yourself while sexual energy is flowing through you freely. When sexual energy flows it opens the chakras, it opens all their qualities, like strength, vitality, compassion, creativity, clarity, intuition, sense of oneness. It transforms from raw and dense, almost uncontrollable energy to very refined and light. And there is just being instead of doing. You get to discover your true nature. So natural joy and pleasure will arise. And you will start to feel and re-connect with your essence. Your unique gifts to share with the world. Your feminine qualities.

For me these massages are like initiations into womanhood. Rites of passages we might have never consciously received. But as women and the many bodily changes and experiences, are so valuable to receive. Elderly wisdom being passed down from the great goddess mother divine, and you being witnessed as the shakti that you are, is very freeing and empowering.

I would say it is an amazing way for Sacred Sexual Healing and Awakening. Because it is so easy, loving and nurturing and it feels so nice! And so natural! Having a great feeling experience while being healed and transformed, how does it get better than that?

You will get to know your own body better and start to admire your body as your temple that holds the potential to experience joy and pleasure beyond imagination.

Tantric Massages help you grow your sexual maturity, unlock your sexual potential, feel your sensual feminine divine yummy goddess essence. And create deeper intimacy, fulfilling relationships and amazing orgasmic sexual experiences.

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