Tao Tantra Massage

The Taoist Tantric Massage

Is an ancient Taoist Art of circulating and transforming the sexual energy in the body, clearing and restoring the flow through the channels of your body. Using strokes along the meridian lines, kundalini activation techniques and resting hand positions.

This massage balances the yin and yang energies, and activates the kundalini and awakens the sexual energy.  To move it through the body for best health, wellbeing and accessing states of Bliss

Sexual energy that flows freely through the body will transform into finer higher energies like creative energy, courage, compassion, intuition and heightened  awareness. Connecting sex to spirit. Combining ancient knowledge with your own inner body wisdom, It can awaken profound spiritual states and sacred sexual healing. A strong circulation of this sexual energy becomes a creative power and passion, resulting in glowing vitality, ease, joy, pleasure and extended states of sexual ecstasy.

You will feel deeply relaxed after this massage and in expanded states of consciousness.

This massage is very gentle, yet very profound and powerful.

what can you expect? 

A safe and sacred space where your intention is a very powerful aspect of the art. And a very loving and supportive guidance.

What it offers you?

This massage offers you the experience of entering deep states of relaxation and higher awareness. A state of Wu Wei it is called in the Tao, a state of non-doing, and effortless happening.  A calm rise and fall of sexual excitation and circulation through the body. A well balanced yin & yang, free flow of chi and a rejuvenated body.

I highly recommend a sequence of massages as the potential benefits are profound in the way you experience yourself. Love yourself. Interact with others. The way you view life. Yes profound in a life changing way.

Potential Benefits

  • Reframing of your approach to sexual energy
  • Becoming more sensitive to the feelings and desires of yourself and your partner
  • Natural sex drive comes back
  • Inner peace
  • Sense of safety, trust, surrender
  • Rewriting past sexual experiences
  • Opening up to more pleasure and ecstasy
  • Opening up to full body orgasm potential
  • Sacred Sexual healing in a gentle way
  • Awaken profound spiritual states
  • Increased vitality, health and joy

Practical Information

The sessions are in Almere Buiten, in consultation also possible at your own home. I suggest not to plan too much after the massage.


This Tao Massage is a 2,25 hour massage, with some time before and after, so keep in mind a timeframe of 3 hours

the Investment for this massage is 200,- euros


Almere Buiten or upon request

who is it for?

For women who feel you are ready to dive deeper into sacred sexuality. You want to know how your sexual energy can enhance your life. Or you simply love massages. You want to re-awaken your sexual desires, you want get to know your own body more. Or you want to release negative sexual experiences. Or expand your orgasmic potential. All is possible

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What other people say

“It was a motherly love, unconditional. It felt very empowering.”

What other people say

“I was so amazed how relaxed I was and could receive the touch, it was really pure. Every part of my body was equal and nothing was left out, and all felt so natural. And I really loved the small details of you putting pillows under me here and there, so nice!”

What people say about me

“Mystique is warm, welcoming and pure”