What is Sensuality?


What is Sensuality?

We are all sensual beings, because we have a body, we have our senses. And it is through the senses we can allow sensuality to flow. Sensuality is allowing our senses to indulge in pleasure.

And we can train ourselves to become more aware of these pleasurable sensations.

Either by deliberately bringing pleasure to the body and then indulge in it. For instance putting on some beautiful music that is love to the ears, or massaging your feet.

Or by being very aware during the day to what brings you pleasure and as soon as you feel some, you allow to expand and indulge in it, like there is nothing more important in the whole wide world than just that! For instance walking outside passing some beautiful flowers. Taking the time to stop for a moment and letting this beauty enter your eyes.

The more we practice this awareness, the more sensitive we get for even more subtle feelings of joy and pleasure. Allowing our senses to receive as much pleasure and joy as possible, for me that is sensuality. Finding pleasure in all is an art. Daring to become more intimate with pleasure, going deeper and more into this feeling into pure pleasure. It truly does feel like lovemaking to me. It is like allowing life to make love to me through my senses, and me loving life right back.

We might have lost touch with our senses, because lots of times we are too much focused with only the mind, almost forgetting about the rest of the body.

Sensuality starts by bringing the focus back to the body, to the senses. Feeling, hearing, sensing, tasting, smell, seeing for enjoyment and pleasure. And what a pleasure it is!.

So how to bring our focus back to the body and our senses?

Slow down, take a deep breath, take your time to become mindful of your senses, become very curious and be with that one thing that you are doing and start to look for the pleasure in it. For instance the feeling on your skin of the soft sweater you are wearing. Notice how your skin enjoys the feeling, allow to breath deeper into that sensation. Allowing your belly to rise and fall with every breath.  Allowing some sound out on the outbreath can help deepen the sensations. And keep going from here. Sensuality is the art of indulging yourself into pleasure, a journey into your senses. Stay curious and follow your breath and body. More sounds or movement wants to happen, go with it.

To start enjoying our senses consciously and therefor allowing ourselves to be sensual raises the quality and joy of life immensely. Every moment can become special, sacred, fun, and enjoyable!

Even something as normal as doing the dishes can become a delight in that way. Imagine doing the dishes and bringing all of your attention and awareness to your sense of feeling in your hands. Feeling how your hands feel when the water is running, softly over your hands, like a stream of warm liquid caressing you, your hands feeling more soft in the water, your hands gliding over the plate, feeling the smooth texture, your hands going in and out of the warm water, feeling how enjoyable that is, like your hands are taking a bath, the skin of your hands are really enjoying these sensations, and then the practice is to really stay with that enjoyable feeling like nothing else matters in that moment of time accept that enjoyable feeling. Really daring to stay there even longer, and that can be unusual at first, but it is the way to open up for more enjoyment and pleasure and sensuality…..and to go deeper into it, by allowing more breath into your body, start to make sound on the outbreath. Before you know it you are singing and dancing of joy while doing the dishes! How wonderful would that be, to enjoy every moment like that?

Can you imagine how being more Sensual can spice up your life?

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